Becoming A Volunteer

Homeowners wishing to volunteer their homes for future Stroll Through History tours should contact us.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer for Stroll Through History activities contact us. There are many ways to help including:

  • opening your home for the open homes tour
  • acting as home tour docent
  • making an in kind donation of services or supplies
  • assistance with obtaining corporate sponsors
  • becoming a walking tour guide,
  • coordinating contests, exhibits, and events
  • performing as a musician, dancer, or entertainer
  • assisting costumed actors of historic persons or events
  • mobilizing your nonprofit group to do an exhibit or event

If you want to become involved year around and become a voting member of the Stroll through History, Committee that produces and manages the Stroll through History. See about us.

Other Community Based Volunteer Support for The Stroll through History

about-us-missionIf you belong to another organization that requires you to be downtown on Stroll day, wear clothing suggesting fashions between 1840-1940. Ideas can be found in old movies, magazines, pictures on our website, or by searching on the internet. It could be as simple as a white shirt and bow tie for men or a calico sundress and straw hat for women. A wide assortment of costumed figures adds much to the fun of Stroll Day.

If you live near the area of a Stroll open home or event, offer cookies and refreshments (iced tea, lemonade, water, etc.) to visitors on the Stroll routes. If you own an old home, share the story with those who go by—for instance, when it was built, who was the first owner and the builder if known. If you have restored features of your home, and have “before” and “after” pictures, make a display board with pictures of your work. Contact us to let us know of your plans so that we can coordinate with you.