1. What is the Stroll through History, Woodland, California?

The Stroll Through History is a ticketed open homes tour of vintage homes combined with free walking, biking, and docent led tours throughout Woodland’s circa 1900’s downtown central street, (called Main Street) Nationally Registered Historic District and historic surrounding neighborhoods.

2. When is the Stroll through History?

The Stroll is held every year on the first Saturday in October. Events at the Plaza begin between 8:30 and 9:00 AM. Tickets are $25.00 per person and $30.00 if purchased on the day of the Stroll.

3. How do I purchase tickets for the Open Homes and how much do they cost?

There is no entry fee and no parking fee for the Stroll. Bring your own bicycle for the free guided Bicycle Tours. Open Home Tour tickets are $25.00 ($30.00 on Stroll Day). To purchase tickets in person, please visit Corner Drug (602 Main St.), The Nest at 510 Main St., or Local Inspirations at 524 Main St. Tickets will be for sale at these locations beginning Monday, August 26th. Tickets may also be purchased the day of the Stroll at Heritage Plaza from 8am-2pm. See BUY TICKETS for more information.

4. How do I get there? Where do I park.

Woodland is only 20 minutes North on I-5 from the State Capitol in Sacramento. The Stroll information booth is located at Heritage Plaza at 2nd and Main Street. You may park in any parking lot or parking space which does not have an event happening there and all along neighborhood streets. Home tour parking is on neighborhood streets.

5. Where can a find a rest room?

Rest rooms are usually available in the Woodland Opera House at Heritage Plaza. For other restroom locations, ask at the Stroll Information table.

6. What kind of food is available?

Restaurants serving a variety of food styles are available along Main Street.

7. What is handicap accessibility?

Private residences on the home tour have many steep stairs, small rooms, and awkward spaces which may prove difficult for the mobility impaired. Main Street and residential areas are paved and flat. Pedestrian sidewalk ramp improvements have been completed. There are many nearby ADA compliant restaurants with a variety of food choices.

8. Can I bring children to the Stroll Through History?

Children are welcome at many Stroll events.  The free docent guided walking tours, the pancake breakfast (served at the Plaza) and various plaza events are all “kid friendly”.  The ticketed Open Home Tours, however are walkthroughs of homes that feature delicate antiques and collectables.  Many of these homes also have very steep stairs and narrow hallways.  For these reasons, the Stroll policy is as follows:
  1. All guests must have tickets.
  2. Each child must have a ticket unless they are carried throughout.
  3. Strollers and backpacks must be left outside.
  4. Parents must monitor young children at all times.

9. How are the homes selected for the home tour?

The Stroll Through History Committee selects the homes. Selection based upon the age and historical significance of the building and the appropriateness of interior decoration and landscaping to the period of the building. All open homes tour sites are private residences within a short walking or driving distance of Main Street.

10. What is Stroll through History, Inc. and how is it managed?

The Stroll through History, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation managed by the Stroll through History Committee who produce a community wide event each year the Saturday after Labor Day. The major portion of funding for the Stroll comes from sponsors and ticket sales.

11. What is done with the profits of the Stroll through History?

The Stroll through History Committee uses the funds raised during the annual event to improve the Stroll through History event and to fund local historic restoration and community cultural resources.

12. Can I get a job with the Stroll through History?

No, the Stroll through History Committee uses all volunteer management, event coordinators and labor.

13. Can I volunteer to help at a Stroll through History event?

Yes! All Stroll through History entertainment talent comes from local volunteer individuals and groups.

14. How did the Stroll Through History get started?

In the spring of 1988, Lloyd and Ida Ingraham opened their Victorian home at 620 Cross Street as a fundraiser for the first Stroll through History, which took place in the fall of the same year to celebrate the history of Woodland.