Open Homes 2022

Saturday, October 8th, 2022

5 Hermosa Place

321 Bartlett Avenue

212 Toyon Drive

10 Toyon Drive

Exterior: This is perhaps the best example of Mid-20th Century Modern architecture in Woodland. The best views are from the backyard showing a dramatic horizontal massing, a wide profile with a flat roofline, floor to ceiling windows, and a screened-in pool / patio lanai combination. The South end features multiple elevations while the main home is single story. The street façade is, in contrast, reclusively understated with plain masonry walls and high clerestory windows along the roofline.

Interior: The interior is mostly finished with clear-grain redwood walls, cedar ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. Shoji screens adorn most doors and other closures. Full length windows surround the interior pool / patio. (There is almost no visible drywall.) Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired features include a cantilevered balcony extending from the Music Room above the 1stfloor and submerged bathtubs. The Stallards have added strategically placed skylights in several rooms and a sitting room, with reproduction stained glass, along the back West wall. Decorative highlights include two full-wall Japanese screens and an antique caned chair and desk. Ask about the renovated 60s bomb shelter and the hidden “Nancy Drew” door accessing the basement.

Gardens: The Japanese Garden was designed a Japanese master who also worked in the Japanese Garden in Golden Gate Park. The Koi pond is fed a by stream and has a waterfall. Carefully placed rocks, tailored cypresses and three temples surround the pond. Finally, a protective wall of bamboo screens the garden from the rest of the world.

Ownership: The home was designed by Robert Crippen and built in 1961 for Lynn and Elinor Keys. Tom & Meg Stallard purchased the home in 1984. Their love for their 20th century modern home is just part of their appreciation of unique architecture. They have been “Heritage Heroes” for their work in restoring (and rebuilding!) many of Woodland’s 19th century downtown buildings to their former glory.



2 Loma Vista Place