Mission and Goals of the Stroll through History

The Stroll through History, Inc. is a non-profit public benefit corporation formed to enhance the awareness and appreciation of the unique agricultural, architectural, and social history and resources of the City of Woodland.

The Stroll through History Committee will accomplish its educational and cultural purposes by organizing and presenting an annual Stroll through History for the benefit of the entire community.

about-us-missionThe Stroll through History, Inc. is funded by Stroll through History eveny revenues generated from:

  • Various ticket sales
  • Individual and corporate sponsorships
  • Donations both in-kind and monetary

The Stroll through History, Inc. has no paid employees. This event is made possible entirely through the efforts of volunteers and donors. The Stroll through History Committee would like to thank the City of Woodland, the downtown business owners, corporate sponsors and the hundreds of volunteers who have given their time and effort to make this event the success it has become in the past 24 years.

Proceeds from the Stroll through History may be awarded as grants to benefit local historic restoration and community cultural resources.

Who manages the stroll through history

The Stroll through History, Inc. is managed by the Stroll through History Committee. The Committee consists of a group of residents who are interested in furthering the purposes of the annual Woodland, California Stroll through History and who are willing to perform the fund raising, administrative and oversight functions required to manage the event. See FAQ frequently asked questions about the Stroll through History. The Stroll through History, Inc. does not have any other management or employees.

about-us-managementOnce the current year’s Stroll is finished, the group begins immediately planning for the next year’s event. The voting members of the Committee elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer each year who take office at the first meeting in October. Meetings are called by the Chair and are held monthly or more often to plan, organize and direct the activities of the Stroll through History in accordance with the mission and goals of the organization. While most new members join in the fall so they can participate in the entire event cycle, all meetings are open year ‘round to anyone who wishes to come to visit, make a request or presentation and/or join. Voting member requirements are identified in the bylaws of the Stroll. Not all attendees at the meeting wish to become voting members with responsibility for oversight of the entire event. The Stroll uses dozens of event coordinators and hundreds of volunteers. Event coordinators of only one activity generally attend only those meetings that pertain to their event area.